Possibly stupid sock needle size question

I love KP’s needles and have been religiously using them for Magic Loop & 2-circular sock knitting since they came out. I’ve noticed now that they have come out with 2 alternate sizes for size 1 and size 2.

Here’s the possibly stupid part… If with typical fingering weight yarn and 2-mm 0s I get 10 sts/inch, with 2.5-mm size 1s, I get 9 sts to the inch, with 3-mm size 2s, I get 8 sts to the inch, is it safe to assume that if I went with the smaller sz 1 and 2 counterparts, I would get 9-1/2 sts per inch and 8-1/2 sts per inch respectively?

I am trying to determine how badly I need these alternate sizes. :slight_smile:


I can’t seem to find anything on the alternate needle sizes anywhere else online except for KP. I was hoping another site might have stitches per inch for these sizes. I would think that your assumption of the way the stitches will come out are probably right on the money. You might wanna consider shooting KP an email asking about this. Now, as for whether you need these or not, well, that depends on what level of knitting obsession you have really reached. :slight_smile: -Ve

[U][I]Of course[/I][/U] you need those needles! Otherwise, your collection won’t be complete! :slight_smile:

in the KP DPNs, I got both size 1s (2.25mm and 2.5mm) and both size 2s (2.75mm and 3mm). I’ve used all of them, since yarns that are considered “sock yarn” vary so much in thickness. Tofutsies is thin, so I use size 0 and the 2.25mm 1. with KPPPM I use the 2.75mm 2. with Regia Bamboo I use the 2.25mm 1. Trekking XXL I use the 2.75mm 2. LL Shepherd Sock I use the 2.25 mm 1. STR LW I use the 2.5mm 1 or the 2.75mm 2.
I like having all the sizes. I think it just depends on you and your personal gauge, and also how you like the way each pattern looks in a specific gauge.

I’m considering getting the KP size 0-3 DPN set also, since I have multiple projects OTN.

edit: clarity

It’s all about getting gauge. If you’re getting your gauge right and your FO fits, then you’re fine.

I find that with socks, it’s not too much of a deal because you’re not using a huge number of stitches and so being a breath off of your gauge isn’t really goind to matter too much.

However, for larger projects, being a little bit over gauge over the course of hundreds of stitches will matter if it is a project that needs to fit a certain size like a garment.