Possible pattern error in Noro booklet vol. 18

I have the Noro Knitting Yarns Vol. 18 pattern booklet. I am interested in Pattern Y737 on page 4 of the instructions.

I’m not sure but I think the number of stitches may be wrong for the Back:

It says to cast on 94(110 ) sts., knit Row 1 and 2 until it is 3 inches from the beginning. You increase in the last row to 101(120) sts. The problem is for Row 1 after the increase and after changing to 6 mm needles:

(Patt X row1 is P1, K4, P1; Patt Y row 1 is K13 sts.)

It says to “Wk row 1 patt X for 6 sts, wk row 1 patt y for 13 sts 5 (6) times, wk row 1 patt X for 6 sts.” If I knit 6 stitches at the beginning and end of the row plus knit 13 stitches times 6 (larger size) I should have 12 sts plus 6 times 13 (78) which is 90. Should there be a decrease from the 120 stitches in the previous row?

Thanks for any help you can give

Have you done a swatch of patterns X and Y before you started the project? If you did, you will be able to tell whether they are lace patterns that changes stitch counts from row to row. In that case, it may be possible to have a decrease in stitch count as you described.

Another way to figure out the correct stitch count or if there is a mistake in the pattern is to look at the next time the pattern gives the number of stitches you should have on the needle, probably at or after you do the armhole decreases. Add back all the stitches you decreased and you should have the correct number of stitches for the first pattern row. Otherwise, if the pattern is impossible to follow because of the error, I might just email the company.


Hmmm, if you are actually only knitting 13 sts, that’s 65 (78) sts, then plus 12… that is a whole lot less than you CO. Check to see if there’s errata (corrections) for that pattern somewhere.

Thanks Lillian and Suzeeq for the quick replies. There are no lace stitches to alter the number of stitches in rows. I’ve emailed Noro (in Japan) since I can’t find a domestic email address nor any Noro corrections. Maybe my local yarn shop can help!

The only reference I could find to Noro Pattern Y737 on google was yours.

I think you might want to do a swatch, put your mind at ease.

I emailed my problem with the directions to knittingfever.com, Noro’s US agent. I got this response:
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]Row 1 has brackets in front of patt x for 6sts and at the end of patt y for 13 sts. To calculate it would be 19sts times 6 times = 114 sts. Then you end with 6 sts of patt x = 120 sts.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
Now I know that those brackets mean something significant![FONT=Arial][/FONT]

Oh, yes, you left those out when you typed up the row. They’re very important…