Poppy doll pattern

I am new to double pointed needles a d doll making. I am using Ysolda’s Poppy Doll pattern. tutorials say to divide cast on stitches evenly between needles. This pattern says, " 12 stitches on one and 6 sts on each of 2 dpn. The 2 sections of 12 sts will be referred to as the front and back sts from now on".
So cast 24 stitches, divide 12 on on needle, 6 on another needle, and 6 on a third needle. Which ones are the front and which are the back?
Rnd 2 " * k2, m1’ k to 2 sts from end of front sts, m1’ k2’ rep* on bCk sts. 28 sts."

Does this mean only work 12 sts for first part or front, and then repeat from * on the back 12 sts? again what is front and what is back?
I hope my question makes sense

I think you can consider needle 1 as the needle with the 12sts and that is the front. The back is on 2 needles (#2 and #3), each with 6sts. Yes, I think you’re right: work 12sts for the front according to to instructions
k2, m1’ k to 2 sts from end of front sts, m1’ k2’
and then repeat these instructions on the back. You’ll increase 4sts from 24 to 28sts