Popcorn Stitch

Does anyone know if there is an online video of a popcorn stitch? I am totally confused here…

If you write out the instructions for it, we can help you. I think that involves k/p a bunch of sts together or knit some then pull them over one of them?

It’s kind of like a bobble, Sue, you do your 5 (or whatever) st in one st, but then you keep going on that same row (not turning back and forth on the same 5 st like bobbles). Then on the return row you do the passing over of the increased st.

Sweetnailgirl - If you write out the pattern instructions, someone can help you step by step.

well, here is what the description that i am given with the pattern…
knit into [(front and back) 2 times, knit into front] of next st making 5 sts from 1 st; then slip the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th st over the first.
so, i think that i need to make 5 stitches out if one, which i get. but, i’m just not sure about slipping the sts. i don’t really understand which ones to slip.
this patters is for a baby blanket with a ripple pattern.
any ideas would be great!
thanks so much.:knitting:

When you finish making 5 stitches into 1 stitch you will have the 5 loops from the made stitches on your right needle. You would keep the loop closest to the tip of right needle and pass the 4 behind it over the first one. I think it would be fine to pass them one at a time starting with the 2nd stitch, then 3rd etc.

thank you so much! i was kind of wondering if that would work.

You’re welcome. It’s great to have a resource like the KH forums and videos to help us over the humps.