Poncho technique

I want to make a poncho for my dd (child size 7 or 8) I have read through many poncho patterns and notice they all seem to be top down.

The poncho I have in mind is hooded, just plain stockinette, the closest one to the idea I have is “Jayda’s Poncho” sort of little red ridinghoodish…

Anyway, has anyone EVER knitted a poncho (with or without hood) (stockingette stitch) from the bottom up decreasing one stitch per row up to the neck?

Thank you!


Hello Mary Poppins!

May I suggest you use a “raglan decrease” up to the neck. Lots of sweaters are raglan, with a “seam” from each side of the armpit up to the neckline. I like the idea of knitting this because there’s no sewing up seams for separate pieces afterwards (and I only just discovered what it was a couple of months ago!)

This link goes to a sweater pattern that’s knit from the bottom-up with raglan decreases (in the section “Yoke”). I think it would be fairly easy to apply to a poncho!