Poncho pattern?

Please help… :shrug:
I am trying to look for a FREEEEE poncho pattern with a curve neck, round neck or something like it.

Ponchos are almost patternless.

they come in several basic shapes, all mostly simple geometic shapes, and are easy to knit.

i have 2 favorite styles, here are some images:
the rhomus (/…)
(it doesn’t look like a rhombus folded this way,
but it is.)

andthe square (knit in round square)

you can read a tutorial about the basic shapes in my blog (September archives, Sept 12 and
Sept 16th.)

Here are to more images of another square knit in round poncho:
swallowtail 1 and 2

the rhombus is the easiest, (and if you want a higher/ tighter/rounder neck, you can start with some ribbing to make a crew or turtle neck)
i tend to soften the edge by using a novelty yarn


figure out how many stitches you need to make:
16 inches (small/childs) to 20/22 inches(large/adult) of knitting.

fudge number slightly if needed, to have an even number (for rhombus style)

Or a multiple of 4 for square knit in the round.

([color=red]note:[/color] depending on yarn/gauge and other factors,
the square might not be a perfect square (note how the side (sleeve edge) slope in this image–this poncho isn’t quite a square!

After you swatch, and get your number of stitches,
cast on that number.
join into round.

place markers:
one at stitch 1 and a middle stitch
(–ie if you have 100 stitches, 1 at stitch 1, and one at stitch 50)
work 1 round with no increase.

Nest round:
when you come to marker, YO, slip marker, knit 1 (or 2 or 3) Yo.
(2 increases at each marker, 4 increases in one round)

next round, work even (no increases)

repeat: increase round and no increase round until poncho is long enough.
bind off–loosely!

the square knit in round is almost the same, but you place 4 markers, (each marker sets off 1/4th of the stitches)
This results in 8 increases every other round.

to make it more interesting to knit, work in a stitch pattern,
or start and end with a different yarn, or add a fringe

besure to swatch in pattern, if you plan on using one!

the poncho with the cables is a bit more effort,

since the center ‘band’ is wide, and the basic shape is made by increases, it means the edge is sloped/slanted .

these edges / are longer than the straight part of the knitting |
(think of a right triangle, one side= 3, bottom = 4 but slanted edge (hypotoumus)=5!)
so the cables need to have some short rows snuck in, to be longer–(since the edge is longer)

but in the small square purple one, there are only 3 stitches between the Yo’s, and these will stretch–no short rows needed.

a Round poncho is very similar, you still make 8 increases every other round, just DON’T LINE THEM UP!
Do line them up, but make 16 increases (2 increases at 8 different points) and only increase every 4th round!

this sweater has a round yoke done in just that way!

the i-cord stems ‘hide’ the increases–and add a decorative touch.

(a simple lace would work too, with the increase YO’s being work in addition too, or as part of part of a lacy design!)

the i-cord and leaves, and added flowers dress up what is a very basic design.

if you just continued to make 16 increases (and didn’t divide work for sleeves/back/front) you’d end up with a round poncho.