Poncho pattern help!

Hello, I am looking for a poncho pattern that I really would love to make. It is a diagonal cable pattern poncho. Does anyone recognize it? I just need the pattern brand name, thank you

I found a few diagonal cable ponchos.

This one is free-

This one isn’t-
Vogue Knitting on the Go - Ponchos (one in here that I know of)

Thank you Jan, I am sorry about the photo upload, I just joined tonight! And thank you for looking for me: ) The free one is very, very similar but it is more complicated then mine. The right idea though, the pattern I wanted has only two bands of diagonal cables fairly uncomplicated! Do you happen to know of any others? Thanks again, Poncho

Here are a whole bunch of poncho patterns. You could look through them and see if any of them are what you are after.


Here are some more from Lionbrand:


I just found this while looking for something else. Scroll down and it’s on the left… the blue-purple one.