Poncho done

Sorry, she wasn’t in the picture mood, :roll: this is as close to a good shot as I got.

Oh, she looks so cute. And the color of her hair and that poncho really compliment each other!

Aaawwww…very cute!!

So sweet! Love it! =)

Nuno, what yarn is that? It looks just like some peaches and cream I have!

That’s absolutely adorable…thanks for sharing it with us!


Beautimous!! (and so is the poncho :wink: ) LOL

Hmmm, I don’t think I remember… I know it was $1.50 per skein so as you can tell it was high quality yard :wink:

Then I think it is the same! Mine was 1.27. All the label says is “Peaches and Cream” and would you believe it, there’s a peach on the label. LOL!