Pompom papoose

finally done with the pappoose… i had a little trouble with the pompom. the dirctions were weird. so i looked up other directions on the net and they were a lot clearer. so here it is.

great job! What’s a papoose? Hehe :doh: Nice job witht the pom pom, I have yet to make one. So many props :cheering:

I tried making my first pom-pom yesterday for a hat… it came out looking so wimpy! I think I need to look up hints on the internet because I feel like I’m missing something!

~Beloved~ you have fill the ring up alo so that the hole in the middle is tight and you can bearly see it to have a full pompom!!!

~DreamWeaver~ a popoose is like a hooded closed blanket that you swaddle a baby in!

that makes more sense! no directions i had read were really clear on that. :doh:

:DLove the papoose for the little one :wink:

Oh that is adorable! :slight_smile:

That is so cute! Is it for your baby?

Oh how cute! Can you post pics of a baby in it to get the full effect?!

yes it is for my baby.
and yes i will post pic of my baby in it when he gets here. i thought about trying it on my niece, but i wasn’t to sure how my sister would like that being her first baby and all…cause she was watching me like a hawk as if i had never held a baby before!!! :rollseyes: