Pomp a doodle Yarn

I just saw this stuff at my local micheals, has anyone worked with it yet? Does anyone like it whats it like to work with? I’d love to knit some more baby stuff as I now have a nearly 2 month old daughter along with a nearly 2 year old son. I’d would really love to knit my son something for his birthday but I have no idea what so I’m open to suggests, but I’d love to know if anyone has worked with that Pomp a doodle as I’m thinking of trying to knit my son another blanket.

I don’t think I’ll ever use it. It is interesting looking, some of the FO’s I’ve seen look interesting too. it just strikes me as likely to be harder to work with then the fun fur/eyelash yarns.

I have the same feeling about the yarn. It looks interesting enough but also looks to be very hard to work with. I am not sure I want to make anything with it. To me, a blanket with this would not be very comfortable. I have this image of the princess and the pea. I think all the ‘doodles’ would be less than comfy.

Yeah…I have seen http://www.diamondyarn.com/d/yarn/sirdar-snowball/ which looks similar…and I hated the look of it. You knit the strands between each poof…

It doesn’t take long to work it up…because for example…the scarf in the pic…is only 5 stitches across. So, two hours tops and you got a scarf…but yeah…I don’t know…I was turned off of it…and anything like it…

It is overkill on the ornamentation. My guess is that it will not be around for long.

I think it’s kind of cute and quick to knit. I think I might use it to make a scarf for my sister.