Pomatomus Socks

Hi- This Pomatomus sock is just not coming together for me. Can someone explain it to me? I understand what the chart is saying, but but I’m having a hard time knitting it. I just finished another pair of socks designed by Cookie A. and loved them.


What don’t you understand about it? The main st is a twisted rib (ktbl) with the YOs moving over one st every round, then moving back. Or maybe it’s every other round, but that’s it.

Ok, first off, I think the label of “piquant” from knitty is making me think there’s more to it than there is. I just finished the Monkey socks, and they turned out great ( just had to say that to boost my knitting esteem ).

Ok, here goes.

  1. I think my YO are making holes that are too big.
  2. This is only my second time knitting off a chart. So, maybe that’s what’s throwing me off. BUT, it’s not lining up. For instance, I can see right at the beginning of the chart that the first row goes:

Yo, k2togtbl,p1,k1… then row 2 is
YO, P1, k2togtbl,k1,p1… and row 3 is
YO, k1,p1,k2togtbl… and so on and so forth.

Now, on the chart, the best way that I would describe it is like a moss stitch, where you have knit stitches overtop of the purl stitches. It works it’s way up the chart like this.

Am I reading too much into my chart? I can get the the lower left side looking right, but the middle where it comes out like a triangle is what I am having a hard time knitting. It’s kind of silly, but I just can’t wrap my brain around this.

Yeah, I think you could be overthinking it. As I said, the pattern shifts the YOs over a stitch on every round, so they’re not going to be stacked on each other, but at a slant. Then they slant the other way. The YOs involving a purl st may be larger than between knit sts, but not necessarily; they should even out when you wash the socks when finished. Just give it several inches, and you can wash/block what you have done then to see how it looks.

When I made these I would pick up the YO on the next row…this way the holes would be smaller :thumbsup:

Thanks for the help. I’ll give it another whirl today and see how it goes.