Pom pom maker

There is a pom pom maker on amazon for just under $7.
All my attempts to make a pom pom have failed. I wonder if a pom pom maker would be foolproof?
Has anyone tried this one?

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It looks very similar to the one I use, which works well - both I and my 10 year old grandson had fun using them at Christmas.

I have one of the Clover sets with two sizes, likely bought with a coupon at Joann. Without them, my attempts at pom-poms have been utter disasters. With them, I’m probably running an 85% success rate. When I go for really fluffy ones, it seems that no amount of tightening the tied yarn will hold all the pieces in there. But way, way, way better for me than when I’ve tried to do the cardboard circles thing.

Thanks everyone! Is there a size that is best for hats? Mine are usually med sized adult sized and some for children.

I don’t know which pom pom maker you’re referring to… I use this one -

I think I used the yellow ones when I make hats that need them. You need to wrap a lot of yarn not just one layer. Pull the yarn tight and tie it off. I think I wrapped twice around. Then when you attach to the hat go through the pom and down inside the hat from two directions (north-south and east-west) a few times and tie tightly. I’ve machine washed and dried them to test the integrity of the pom and security of the sewing and they were very good.

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Thanks Jan. I like the you tube video from happy berry crochet. It is showing the Clover pom pom maker.
I can get it here in Canada. May give it a try. Sure
Would be very exciting to add a pom pom on some hats!

Yes, they are fun to add! Someone in my knitting group suggested I make one with all the colors used in a striped hat. I had reservations about that since in my mind a single color would be best. I was wrong…the multi color one was fabulous! Not that there’s anything wrong with a single color, but I was surprised how fun these were.


I love your hats! How can I add them to my library?
Your colours are lovely. You really have a good eye for
Colours and size of stripes, etc…inspirational!

I saw a you tube video on the clover pom pom maker
In which she used a different colour on each side of
The pom pom maker. It really did turn out awesome
Just like yours! I can’t wait to get one.

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Oh thank you! How nice of you to say! :heart_eyes: My husband is an artist so maybe it’s rubbed off on me? I don’t know…maybe I’m more artistic than I think. lol

You can’t save it to your library because it’s not a pattern. You can favorite it though. Just add a tag to make it easy to find again if you want. If you go to my favorites you can see my disorganized mess of tags. I need to clean that up, but you can see what I mean. If you click on a tag it will bring you to whatever is tagged with that word is. For instance you could have a tag called Friends or maybe Friends_projects. Or Jan…whatever. :slight_smile:

Thank you Jan. You definitely have the artist’s eye.
Ravelry really is an amazing site!