Pom Pom help!

Hi. I am knitting a hat right now and was wondering how to make a small pom pom! Thanks!

A small pom-pom? My mom was making one for a hat she was knitting- this is how she did it. ( I think)
BTW, it takes a lot of yarn. Yep.

  1. Take lots of yarn and make a loose ball. (enough so you can flatten it)
  2. Wrap yarn around the ball once or twice, tie a knot. (Should somewhat resemble a bow now)
  3. Take a good, sharp scissor, and randomly snip at the yarn. Since they are all loops, basically, it should become strands when you cut it. { Example: A “U” shape -> “(” and “)” }
  4. Keep snipping 'till it’s all strands. (remember, the string should keep it all together)
  5. Fluff it up so the yarn/string holding it together is hidden.

And… you’re done.:heart:

If you need more help, feel free to ask. ^^

there is another way to do this.

  1. get some cardboard and cut two circuler pieces the same size as you want the width of the pom pom.
  2. Cut a circle out of the centre of the cardbourd so you now have a ring shape with both pieces cardboard identical.
  3. Place the two rings together and start wrapping wool around the ring going through centre hole till the whole of the ring is fully covered.
  4. once you feel its fully covered enough cut any excese yarn off.
  5. Now get your scissors between the yarn and in between the two pieces of cardbourd and cut the yarn all around the circumference of the ring. Do not remove cardbourd yet once all is cut. The pom pom will fall apart.
  6. Get a length of wool and tie it between the cardbourd so it goes inside and fastens it.Tie tightly with a double knot.
  7. Remove cardbourd and you should be left with a perfect pom pom.

Hi daniellecool2003:

Would you mind explaining this a little bit better? I am new a pom poms! Thanks!

You can also wrap the yarn around something like a wooden ruler. Make as many wraps as you want, slip the yarn off the ruler or cardboard and tie some yarn around all the loops and then cut the loops and fluff out.

You might also think about getting one of these.

Here is a better guide and has pictures to show you. Im kinda hopeless at explaining things. But this is how i make pom poms.


if you like pompoms, (and plan to make a dozen or so in your life time) BUY the pompom maker.

(if you are not sure, buy it… it makes such beautiful pompoms, so easily, you’ll make them all the time!!) it might, at first glance seem expensive… but time is money too, and other methods take way more time to make pompoms half as nice!)

Here is a picture tutorial of this. I’ve used it a few times, and it turns out great.