Polymer clay added to wood needles?

I am trying to make some knitting needles for my school knitting club. I have dowel rods cut down to size 10 1/2 needles about 12 inches long. I have polymer clay that I am rolling and sizing on the top of the needles with pressed on music symbols (I am the music teacher) and knitting needles. Can you bake the polymer on the wood in the oven? or do you bake the polymer and glue on later?

Is it like Sculpy Clay? Since it’s baked at such a low temp, I think you can leave the needle in there, but it might fall off later on. Just have a hot glue gun handy.

Polymer will only stick to polymer, so I’d recommend molding the clay with the needles, baking separately, then gluing on with superglue. Superglue works very well with polymer clay.

there was a knitty gritty knit bit… where she showed how to do this but I can’t find the knit bit infos on the diy site… but she shaped the clay how she wanted it… then pushed it on the end of her needle and fixed the shape if it needed it… then she took it off the needle and baked it seperate… they were cute…

am baking now…hopefully will have results to show soon.

If the superglue doesn’t work, you can always try epoxy. You can get it at the hardware store. That stuff bonds everything!

[color=indigo]I would think the superglue, although working well with polymer, wouldn’t work well with wood. I’d use Gorilla Glue or another epoxy, too.[/color]

I used to have an online store where I sold polymer clay dragons, and I also used to sell at ren faires, so I know a fair bit about the clay. Yes, you can put your wooden dowels directly into the oven and bake at the same time as your clay… BUT, you risk warping the dowels if there is any moisture at all left in the wood.

I used to put wooden incense burners in while the raw clay dragon was draped around it, so the clay would “fit” the burner, and when it was done, I always was able to pop off the dragon and then superglue it in place for extra durability. The wooden burners would almost always “sweat” out sap during the baking process, so I would clean that up, too.

So, long story short. I wouldn’t put your wooden dowels in the oven because of warping and possible brittleness afterwards. I would form your little polymer clay end bits and press the dowel end into the clay, then only bake the clay. Use superglue, crazy glue, or I liked the liquid nails Formula 2 glue, they all work wonderfully. Just a drop or two – doesn’t take much.

Sorry for the novel. :teehee:

thanks so much for all the tips. I am anxious to show the little girls the needles today. they are going to be thrilled.

Please post us some pics of their work, if you get a chance! :cheering:

What a great idea. I’m sure your students will love them.
Yes…pics please! :cheering:

yeah, i remeber that. she was making point protectors