Poll: what's your fav thing to knit!?

What’s your fav thing to knit?

I am finding myself really enjoying LACE. I suppose that might fit into the scarf category, but for myself, I make wraps (stoles, whatever).

CLOGS would be my second choice, of course! :lol:

I like everything–I don’t think I’d knit it if I didn’t get some level of enjoyment out of it, but sweaters are my favorites.

you know, after I submitted the poll I wanted to put “lace” as a choice …oops!

I love hats, yes i do. Hats are my thing!

I like kntting practically anything, but mittens are my favorite.

:thinking: well…let me see if I can figure it out… :?? …may take some time :thinking: as I think…ummmm :rollseyes: …oh yeah!
[size=7][color=red]S[/color][color=blue]O[/color][color=green]C[/color][color=orange]K[/color][color=violet]S[/color][/size] YEAH BABY :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

I fixed it for ya!! (if you choose “edit” on the first post in the thread, you can add/edit poll options from there.) :thumbsup:

Definately socks!

Well, i don’t have a lot of knitting experience so i haven’t made a lot of things that are listed, but i really enjoy making stuff for all the babies my friends are cranking out. I dunno, i like to see the end product and i like knowing it’s something handmade that will be passed down or kept (hopefully).


When I first got serious about knitting, I knitted lace, and I still enjoy it greatly! :slight_smile:

i’m the only one so far with bags!!! Duhhhhh!!!

I LOVE knitting socks, but i HATE wearing them. go figure. :rollseyes:

My roommate would be with you on that one. I just don’t have the patience for much bigger than a hat.

No you’re not…yours are just bigger than most! :roflhard:

SWEATERS! No, wait…SOCKS!..but I also like LACE!..or cute BAGS!..or…EVERYTHING :cheering:

I don’t really have a favourit at the moment. If I had the time(and yarn) I would knit everthing simultaneously.

hehehe javede!

I better get moving on socks since the poll states that lots of you like to do them - I’m still a little afeared of them! :oops:

You’re not the only one Hildie. Bags are my favorite. :smiley:

I kinda feel like that guy in MOnty Python

“what is your favorite color?”

"Blue, no wait, red…AAAAAHHHHH!"
gets tossed of the bridge.

Monty Python meets KH

knitter steps up to a bridge.

“Waht is your favorite thing to knit?”

“Socks,no wait lace no wait…AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” banned from LYS for a month.

for me, it’s a toss up between hats and purses

feministmama… I’m with you. I voted for “other” but it should have said EVERYTHING!