Poll: spring/summer pattern wishlist

I’m always curious what other people are knitting! :slight_smile: So, I’ve included a poll (if I set it up correctly) to see which of following spring/summer patterns you’re knitting, or at least interested in knitting. Here are links to the patterns if you haven’t seen all of them:

Green Gable
Somewhat Cowl
Ms. Marigold

Green Gable & Somewhat Cowl are both potential candidates - problem is my Spring/Summer to do list is probably already too long. ;0

I want to make all of them I just have no time :doh:


Picovoli is about the only one that really grabbed me… but if I wanted to make it as a Spring/Summer project, I’m probably looking at next spring summer! :wink:

I want to make somewhat cowl, and ms. marigold. I love them both!!

None of the above.

I like the Green Gable and the Somehat Cowl :slight_smile:

I’ve already started my Green Gable. I’m about 2/3 done with it.
It’s an awesome pattern - so easy, but still enough to keep you interested.

I like Ms. Marigold, but I’m getting ready to start on the Prairie Tunic from IK’s Spring issue.

Prairie Tunic

I’m seeing the light to my Green Gable… I got bored with it after I removed the sleeves to the holder so started my starsky… but now learning I can’t do my Starsky when the kids are up and since the Green Gable is just knit… its almost done WOOHOOO… got about 5 more inches on the bottom and then the sleeves… Making mine longer than theirs though don’t want my tummy peeking :rofling:

None of thee above :frowning: