Pointy hat problem

Can anybody help with a hat top problem? My hat looks like a hershey kiss and I would rather not have such a pronounced point on the top of the hat. I am knitting on circular needles, changing to DPNs when I get to the top. The pattern decreases like this:
k11, k2tog
k10, k2tog
knit…repeat untill

there was 6 stiches remaining which I gathered together and weaved in the end.

I have noticed a couple of my hats end up more “pointy” than others. Anybody know what in the pattern causes this?

Thanks so much!

How many stitches are you starting with? For a rounded top you should be doing about 8 or 9 decreases per round, for a pointy top you will be doing less than 4 per round, and for a flat top (beret or tam style) you will be doing more than 9 per round. Also, you might want to stop doing the knit rows in between decreases as you get closer to the end.

IOW the fewer decreases per round the pointer the hat will be.

I agree with reeny, and when you get down to about 3 or 4 knit sts between the decs, you want to skip the plain round between dec rounds.

Thanks for the help guys. The way the pattern is there was 6 decreases per round. I will back out a couple of rounds and finish up without the knit rounds between and see what happens. It didn’t get really pointy untill the last couple of rounds.

Yeah, that’ll probably help a lot, it’s stretching out the decs too much to put the knit rounds between the dec ones after a certain point.