Pointy hat for an adult

I wondered if anyone had a pattern for a pointy hat for an adult?

This wonderful calculator is fab for making hats in any wool, in any size etc… but they are all rounded at the top.

Can anyone take a look at the pattern and tell me how to change it to a pointy version?
I wondered about maybe doing two plain knit rows inbetween the decrease rows to make the hat more sticky up and pointy.

My sister wants a pointy hat for Christmas you see.

Thanks very much in advance.


you can make a flat pointy hat (think of Santa, not the wicked witch of the west) rather easily

If you are working in the round:
count stitches
divide by 2
place markers.
Knit till you are 2 stitches before marker, SSK, (or K2tog) slip marker, and K2tog, (or ssk) continue (in pattern if any) till you are 2 stitches before second marker… (decrease again

next round, work plain (no decreases)

continue decrease 4 every other round till you have 4 stitches, K2tog twice, and then bind off last 2 stitches.
(see an example here) the sample was made with thick/thin yarn, but the shape is flat pointed hat.

if knitting flat, K1, K2tog, knit to 2 stitches before mid point, decrease, slip marker, decrease, knit till 3 stitches remain, decrease, k1… (purl next row, with no decreases)

bind off when 4 stitches remain, sew seam (it will be a side seam)

if you want a pointer hat decrease only only ever 3rd or 4th round (not every other round)

Do you mean just a little pointy like this;

Or like a Santa hat like this;

These might give you some idea. I’ve never made a pointy one on purpose, but I know from making other hats if I put more rows between decreases and/or fewer decreases the hat becomes pointy instead of round.

You’ve got a point there! :roflhard:

–Jack :guyknitting:

Jan, that first one

is exactly what i want.
my sister has requested what i can only imagine (by her description) is this one.
So i shall try to follow this pattern, but make adjustments because i’m using thicker wool.

thank you

:thumbsup: You’re welcome!

Hello of troy
Thank you for your reply.

now that hat looks fab, but the instructions are confusing me
(it doesn’t take much to confuse me i have to admit)

you say :
[Knit till you are 2 stitches before marker, SSK, (or K2tog) slip marker, and K2tog, (or ssk) continue (in pattern if any) till you are 2 stitches before second marker… and then decrease again]

so could i divide by four and decrease just before each marker?, so that it’s more evenly spaced than just either side of the ends?
will it make any difference?

how will i know when to start decreasing?

thanks for your help

ok, I am actually making one RIGHT NOW
i started with 3 stutches in I-chord
knit 2 rounds, increaded once
P M between each stitch

now K 2 rounds, Inc in marker after the previous one
K 2 rounds, Inc in marker #3
K 2 rounds, inc in marker #4
K 2 rounds, inc in marker #1
this staggers the inc so U do not have a seam
and I M knitting worsed in size US10
so i will stop inc at 72 stitches
Knit 4" then
knit 3" in seed stitch in nice plain color (like white or off white)
then go down to a size 9 and K 2" in 1x1 ribbing and hem that back to the first row of seed stitch during bind off
this way the tail acts like a scarf if needed


thank you for your pattern
i’ve never knitted one from the top down.
i’m game though.

i might need more instructions though, that’s the only thing.
so start off with three st and knit a couple of rounds as i-cord (i understand that)
Increase one st, so you have 4 and put a marker in between each st.
then knit 2 rounds.
What does increase in marker after previuos one mean?

oh do you only increase one st every third round at the beginnning but do it at different points to stop a seam
( i get you )

I guess i’ve got it by writing it down.

Oh but i don’t understand about how the tail acts like a scarf.

One other thing is that i usually use two circular needles when it gets to the smaller top bit of the hat, so i guess i would do the i-cord on one short circular needle (that’s how i usually do it) and then when i increase to 4, swap two onto another set of circular’s.

will that work?

thanks anyway