Pointelle Pattern Confusion

Here is the link for a Pointelle stitch pattern that I like and would like to learn how to accomplish:


I am sooooooooo lost when it gets to the second row and how they come up with so many stitches. Is it just me?!! I cast on 33 and after doing my first row with one repeat, I end up with 33 stitches as well. It would be impossible to do that many stitches according to a single repeat (I would end up needing to do 47 stitches). Is there something that I am missing? Should I not be doing any repeats in the second row? Because, that would equal 33 then.


If you’re only doing 33 sts, no, you don’t repeat. The pattern is written in case you were doing the pattern panel over more sts. 33 is just the basic number you need for it.

So, how come I had to repeat once in the first row to get a total of 33? One panel would be a multiple of 14 plus 5, so to make the sample shown in the picture it says: you need to cast on 33 stitches (2 x the multiple of 14 stitches needed for a single repeat of the pattern plus 5.).


Yes, On those 33 sts you are doing 2 repeats of the pattern st. on all pattern rows, 14+14+5
To do only one single repeat you would need 19sts, 14+5
and as you said, to do 3 repeats you would need 47, 14+14+14+5

On the 1st row you’re only doing *K5, yo, SKP , k2, p1, k2, k2tog, yo; rep from *, end k5. There are 9 sts repeated and 5 on the end. On the 2nd row - P9, *k1, p13; rep from * end k1, p9 - there’s 9 sts on each end plus 1. The end sts take up the other sts that you repeated in Row 1.

Maybe I’m just confusing myself. I see how the 1st row equals 33 sts by doing 1 repeat from *, but on the second row I wouldn’t be able to fit 1 repeat from *. That would equal 47 if I repeated, because there are 9 sts + *14 sts (this is where I should do 1 repeat from asteric) + 14 sts, + 10 sts for ending = 47. Sorry, I don’t mean to dwell on this, but I am confused why there is no repeat in the 2 row in order to fit into 33 sts. -Ve

I think those instructions are also for anybody wanting to use them for a larger piece where lots more repeats are wanted and you always repeat those between the **'s.
In this case you don’t need to repeat for that row.
its just the way the columns are laid out.

Not all patterns will repeat their repeats the same amount of times on different rows. Sometimes, as in this pattern, on one row you’re able to do 2 repeats, whereas the next row the repeat may be long enough to only be done once.

Yep, not all patterns have the same number of stitches between the *s that you’d repeat, or the same number of sts outside on all the rows.

As Sue says, and in this pattern, all the end stitches are really parts of the repeats - like where it says “…k9, rep from *, end last rep k7”, your last repeat is actually ending K7, not K9 and then K7.

Thanks for all the help. I will have to count each row before knitting each row, I guess. Then I can make sure whether I repeat or not. -Ve

You don’t need to count the whole row, when you get to the end of the first repeat, see if there’s enough stitches left to do another repeat, or just the end stitches. After you’ve done a few rows, you should be able to tell easily.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m not knitting the pattern right now, but I think that’s what I would have done. Let’s hope I’m learning at least a little bit. :slight_smile: -Ve