PM on DPN?

All the things I’ve read for circular knitting, either circs or DPNs say to place a marker. I have no problem with doing this on circs but on my DPNs, when I PM, it just falls right off. Should I place something like a point protector on the needle that I want the marker on? Do you just remember where your begining is on DPNs or do you plave some other kind of marker?


I always place a marker after the first stitch on #1 needle. It’ll stay on and you just have to remember that its over one stitch. If I have to transfer to circulars as the project progresses, I remember to back up one stitch. Hope this helps!

I put a safety pin in the fabric, between the first and last needle. It doesn’t even matter if it’s exactly between the first and last stitches-- it’s just enough that I know that’s where my rounds begin and end. Every couple of inches of progress, I move it up closer to the needles and live sts, so that it’s easier to keep track of.

I tend to use lengths of cotton (pearl cotton) about 8 to 10 inches, folded and knotted. the loop goes on the needle

the long tail (4 to 5 inches) i intentionally weave into the knitting (pearl cotton will pull out if you pull it… but it will stay woven if if you don’t!)

this way, if i accidently drop the marker (loop) its still woven into the knitting… (and there as a reminder!)

this is very helpful if the Beginning of round moves (as in a number of patterns (the woven in long tail lets you know where the BOR [B]was i[/B]f you need to frog or tink!)

Thanks, everyone! Right now I’m doing a sleeve and it’s fairly obvious to tell and I left the scrap yarn in place, as an extra marker but it could get really confusing if I didn’t use anything.