Plymouth Encore...opinions?

Has anyone used Plymouth Encore? More specifically the chunky weight. I want to make another Fast Finish throw, but I don’t want to use Homespun (due to the splitting issue) and I used Patons last time and it ended up being a little expensive. I checked Yarndex and the one review about Plymouth was good, but I was wondering if anyone had any opinions. Thanks!

I’ve never used it, but you might want to compare it to Lion’s Woolease, Thick and quick or WE chunky.

I haven’t used the chunky weight, just worsted, but I really like Encore. It’s like a better version of Wool-Ease-- enough wool content to make it blockable, but enough acrylic to keep from being too itchy. I’ve mostly used it for Harry Potter scarves.

I haven’t used the chunky weight either, but things that I’ve made with the worsted weight came out well, and I also really like it. Whenever I want to make something for someone that requires minimal special care, nine times out of ten I’ll choose Encore.

The colors are really nice, both the solids and the multi-colors. I’ve made a blanket, hats, a Christmas stocking, and a vest with it.

I am currently using the Plymouth Encore Chunky for my block of the month afghan (we are through block 7 out of 16).

It is absolutely not comparable to any of the lionbrand products. Far superior, IMO. Even though it isn’t all natural, it feels nice. yet it isn’t scratchy or sheddy to work with. It has a nice flexibility to it, unlike the homespun. My hands don’t get tired with it. I have been very happy with it as a choice.

Right now I am using a bamboo needle with it, but my knitpicks option needle in the appropriate size has freed up so I am going to switch back to that.

I am knitting my afghan with 10 1/2’s - that seemed to give me the right depth of fabric for the variety of blocks and techniques that we are using. I would think that it would adapt well to the speedsticks.

I like it! I knit with it In The Beginning when I wasn’t addicted to alpaca and other gorgeous yarns but I have a bag of it waiting to be made into an afghan because I think it’ll be perfect for that. We made Amy’s afghan with that (didn’t we, yes !) and it looked great. I don’t know about the chunky… but it’s soft and really nice, the regular weight.

I’ve used the worsted and dk weight of Encore, and to be honest, it’s become the only blend I’ll use, now. I’ve been making a blanket with it, and I’ve made lots of kids sweaters with it. Much better than Woolease or Paton’s IMO.

I’ve only used worsted weight, but I like it a lot and there are a ZILLION colors unlike some other brands.

I have used both the worsted and DK weights, and I love it. It really is soft and flexible and it just feels so nice. I definitely recommend it! :thumbsup:

I’ve used some of the chunky recently (scarf & hats) & loved it! I also prefer the worsted weight for my acrylic projects.

Thanks everyone! You have confirmed my suspiscions. I didn’t mind the Patons, but I wanted to try something else. I like that it comes in so many colours, especially since the Fast Finish throws call for 3 colours…endless combinations! I’m not a huge fan of acrylic, but it’s definitely too expensive (especially for a student) to buy luxury wool for a project that’s a gift. Thanks again!