Plying Question

I’m new to spinning and even newer to using an antique wheel with a double drive band. When I try to ply, the whirl unscrews because I’m spinning in a counterclockwise direction instead of clockwise. Is there a trick that I’m missing in order to ply?

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Would you help out here please?

I can’t help, I’m afraid! I sold my wheel and it was a single drive, but I hope someone can help!

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Aye Yi Yi! That is a conundrum! This has to be frustrating!

I’ve owned, spun, and since sold my antique wheels. I’ve never encountered this.

How much thread is on the flyer axle? It’s possible that threads are stripped in either the whorl or on the axle.

The only suggestions I have is to make sure your whorl is tightened completely and that you clean the threads on both the flyer axle and the whorl.

I’d love to see your wheel!

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I’ve never had that happen. I can use my wheel either Double drive (which I eventually settle on more or less permanently now) or Scotch tension. I can easily spin the singles or ply them either way. I do use mostly double drive now days. I do have to keep increasing the draw-in tension as my bobbin fills up. But I’ve never had my whorls come loose.

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