Plus size top down cardigan

Does any one have a link or pattern for a plus size top down cardigan…I decided that my next project is for me!!! I have some beautiful yarn coming!

Thanks :notworthy:

Look at the site There’s a few patterns there and pictures of many plus sized women in other patterns that you can probable find.


I’ve made these patterns before and some of them come in larger sizes.

There’s the sure to fit top down cardigan on the web somewhere that shows you how to make your own calculations for a perfect fit. Lemme see if i can find it.

Here it is.

You have to pretend like you’re buying it but its really free, then you download it.

Here’s another one that can help with measurements

Vermont Fiber Designs has pretty much all their patterns up to size 6X. I don’t know if any of them are knit top down, but they have some lovely patterns.

How does one get patterns off the Vermont Fiber page?