Plus size SWEATER pattern

Does anyone know of a PLUS size sweater pattern? I have wanted to knit a sweater sooooo bad for myself, but the size prevents me… help is greatly appreciated!! :muah:

I don’t know of an actual pattern, but my husband works at a book store and they have a book called “Big Girl Knits” that is supposed to be good. I don’t know the author, however I’m sure if you googled it you might find something. Also, if you google plus size sweater pattern you’re probably sure to find something. :slight_smile:

I don’t know HOW PLUS you need but many of the Knitting Pure & Simple patterns come in sizes up to 54 chest (XXL), not to mention that they are simple enough to add some stitches if that is not big enough.

I am “full figured” and find that simple raglan sleeve patterns are more flattering than anything else. I looked at “Big Girl Knits” and honestly didn’t feel most of the patterns were very flattering for a “full figure”.

This is a book I just received an email about from Lion Brand, don’t know if it’s any good.

This website and the forums it links to may be helpful for you:

Good luck!

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