Plus Size Knitting patterns

I have checked out of our local library 2 plus sized knitting books. (Great Big Knits and another one) Does anyone else have a recommendation?

Also - is there a way to take a pattern you want to make and then “make it bigger” to fit you? Is there a simple pattern you’d suggest doing this way to try?


this is a good place to start.

im not realy sure of american sizes so forgive me if im wrong.
but… - i like this one… not sur about that one might go up to pluse size my friend says it dose.

ok i hope thats of some help.

There really isn’t anything simple about changing sizing on a pattern, but if you’re willing to do the math, you can usually do an OK job. I generally try to look at the difference in stitches for each size, and use those numbers for upsizing. It can get tricky, though. In general, you’re better off to find patterns that come in the size you need.

I just bought [I]Big Girl Knits[/I], which has some things I like. Also, has started including larger sizes, and [U]InterweaveKnits[/U] magazine usually does, too.

I have the book Every Day Style Classic Knits for Women by Carol Rasmussen Noble - it has some great patterns larger size patterns…

The book “Big Girl Knits” is also a great book. :happydance:

There is the book and KP’s still has it on sale at 40% off.:cheering:

Creative Knitting magazine has plus-size patterns in most every issue. I’ve seen sizes up to 5x on some patterns.

As a large lady myself, I have found this to be extremely difficult. Some patterns are easy to change to your size and some are almost impossible unless you are math whiz. If you find the sequence easy to follow then it is a whiz, but otherwise I don’t use the pattern. Ie, if you have a cast on that is 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, then logically, you would cast on 60 for the next size, but if the sequence doesn’t follow any specific then???

This site has some great patterns for purchase and I think the are quite lovely.

Check out and they have some stuff also.

As stated before, the lion brand site has patterns for larger ladies and gents too.

Nonnyt2-Thank you so much for that link to - I have been hunting for some “classic” style larger size patterns and these fit the bill exactly. I definitely see an order in my future :cheering:

Oh, you are very welcome! Hope you find just the right pattern!

I made a website full of links to plus-size patterns.

Just look for the link in my signature below.

Oooohhhh…Shandeh thank you so much for the blog and the link to it! I have been hunting for a “jacket style” cardigan to knit - and Oat Couture (the Topanga Coat) is exactly what I was looking for! Off to find someplace to order it from :cheering:

You’re welcome!

Has anyone ever seen a plus size pattern for a scoop neck sweater with cap (short and puffy) sleeves … and in a tunic length?

Something similar to this (but ignore the pattern) …

I can’t see the image, sinistral. :pout:

Hope it works this time. Ignore the animal print - I am looking for the shape.

Got it!

I haven’t seen a knitting pattern like that…Sorry! :pout: