Pleated Skirt

I am knitting a pleated skirt for an 18" doll. I have completed the first 20 rows of "K5. Sl1. K4. P1. K9 etc. and on the purl side, “P4. *K1. P4. K1. P9”. Now the pattern reads, Slip bext 5 sts ibti a double-pointed needle. Slip next 5 sts onto a 2nd double-pointed needle and turn the 2nd needle so wrong sides of both needles are tog. Align left-hand needle behind the 2 double-pointed needles and knit tog the first st from each of the 3 needles, than rep for the next 4 sts (pleat Made). Repeat 9 times more. 50sts. I get the turning of the double-pointed needles making the pleat. What I don’t understand is how to knit tog the first stitch from each of the 3 needles and then of course the next 4 sts. I don’t understand how I’m going to wind up with 50 sts remaining to knit a casing for elastic for the waist. Can anyone help me wrap my brain around this? All knitting has stopped. THanks, NancyinItasca

Best as I can tell it sounds like a variation on 3-ndl BO [B]but w/o the BO[/B]. (There’s vid for 3-ndl which may help.) You’ll just be working ‘4-ndl’ version. Line of three ndls, insert working ndl thru the first st on each of the other three.

Not sure that helped.


insert the right needle into the front of the stitch on each needle one at a time, now wrap the yarn around to knit as if it was just one sticth you were knitting and knit as normal (i.e. pul the loop through the stitch (es) and then slide the stitch(es) off your left hand needle(s)). Aside from inserting the working needle into each of the thre stitches you work it as if you were just working a single regular stitch.
It will decrease the number of stitches you have left on your needle by 2/3s as you are decreasing 2 stitches every time.