Please suggest your favourite baby blanket pattern

I usually crochet baby blankets, but have some time so thought I’d knit one for a change. Haven’t decided what I want it to look like, but am going to use a multi-colour baby yarn.

Here are the patterns I’m considering so far:

This one is my favorite. I am making it for my sister in law who is due in September.

The only problem is that the pattern, as written, is incorrect. When you follow the pattern, the squares that are shown in the picture do not come out. Instead, you just have vertical lines. I have fixed the pattern and it is coming out beautifully!

After row 24, repeat rows 1-6, then knit 8 rows, then continue with row 1.

I’m a sucker for feather and fan, so this one is my favorite.


I’m doing this one also and found the same problem. Only thing is I was too far in to want to frog it and re-do! Next time I will fix it…but it is a really adorable blanket!

Just a thought: feather & fan is beautiful in just about any yarn. But for the hearts & teddy bears, I do thinnk that type of pattern gets a little lost in multi-color yarn, and would be much better in a solid color.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.
Thanks also for the warning about the error in the heart blanket.

This did occur to me, I might start it anyway and then decide. I don’t really want to make a green or yellow or white blanket, just personal preference.

I did three sets of the pattern before I pulled it out and had to start over. I thought it would still look ok without the boxes, but it did not! Good luck if you try it again. The additional rows make it come out beautifully!

great point!!

Yes, I started the bear one but minor changes just aren’t noticeable enough so I’m giving up on that.

There are a couple beautifully finished blankets in the watcha’ knittin’ forum right now. Just got the invite for a mid-August shower, so I better decide soon.

Thanks again for all the possibilities!

here’s one I haven’t made, but I really like:

plus the Yarn Harlot posted it :stuck_out_tongue: so it must be good, right? :slight_smile:

Very nice Hilary. Looks like a slightly heavier yarn, too bad it’s discontinued.

I ended up at the store today, and came home with ‘Softee Baby’ in [I]Antique White[/I]. Now I have to decide between feather & fan(thanks Miss Moosey) or moss st diamonds(

I love the moss st diamonds. I am fixing to start that one for my daughter. I am trying to decide what yarn I want to use. However… I think I am going to do a garter stitch border instead of the moss stitch.

I just started this blanket a week ago. Only on row 18, as I have about 8 other projects going. :knitting: Thank you, thank you, thank you for this pointer. I’d have been cussing like a drunk sailor if I’d gotten that far and only had vertical lines.
I appreciate the tip!