Please remind me...Boye's on flights?

I just booked my round trip ticket to Detroit for a trip in early November. I’m going on a whirlwind trip to visit family in MI, OH, and WI. I have layovers in Chicago both ways.

I see that the TSA website says knitting and crochet needles are approved for carry on and checked baggage. Just plastic ones? Or are metal ok too? It’s not a big deal if I can’t take my Boye’s on the plane…at least I can knit during the layovers.

Ive never had a problem…I even brought a nail clipper to cut my yarn ends!

I’m sorry Miss, I’ll have to report you to Homeland Security immediately!!

But…but…I took my shoes off!!! :frowning:


I called TSA last year about knitting needles, they are allowed! Knit away, and have a GREAT trip!!