Please...pray for the babies. UPDATE - Page 2

I hope this isn’t inappropriate to ask…but my heart is heavy with fear and sadness and everyone here seems so caring. My family is going through a very rough time right now and two beautiful, precious little girls are at risk.

I won’t go into the details other than to say that it involves a young (still teenage) mother who is immature and irresponsible even for her age and whose life choices and decisions put these children at great risk (involving a man who has been “inappropriate” with at least one of the little girls (i.e., pedophile)). Now the authorities are involved but they know only what they are told and they just seem so…burned out.

I’ve cried and prayed until I just can’t anymore; I’m sick with fear and grief. I’ve prayed for protection for the babies, for wisdom for the mother (to see how her decisions are putting her children at risk) and for the authorities (to make the right decision), as well as for justice on the man but I’m losing hope. Why does it seem so hard to keep our babies safe these days???!!!

Please, please pray to keep these babies safe and away from danger. They need your prayers. Thanks!

Lord Jesus we lift these children up to you Lord and ask that you protect them or bring the right people into their lives to protect them. Lord we ask that you bring the young mom to repentance and ask you to bring someone into her path that will witness to her about you and that she changes her whole path that she is walking and that her family becomes closer then ever. Lord Jesus these children need you to intervene in their lives. May this swiftly happen Lord. These children need to know you are there carrying them through this. Lord we lift them up that a miracle would happen. Thank you Lord Jesus for your hand of protection, mercy and grace.

In Jesus Holy Name

:hug: :pray:

How horrible. I hope everything works out for them. I’ll keep your family in my thoughts. :hug:

Consider it done. :slight_smile:

Done!!! And I`ll do it each day for them as well…

I am praying for those babies. I hope everything will work out as best as it can.

I think things were just as bad for babies forever ago as they are now… Only now we talk about it. I think this is a much better situation, as 20 years ago this could have been easily hidden and swept under the rug, and made so much worse for those dear babies. Having the information out like this makes it so much easier to try to make sure those babies never have to go through this again.

I really really hope for the best.:heart:

Amen to this prayer. More on the way.

Done and will continue! :pray:

:pray: on the way and Amen to the prayer below.

:pray: :heart:

:cry: :pray:

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask in Jesus’s precious Name for protection for this entire family, and I ask for a peace in the wonderful heart of the saint who brought this family’s needs to this forum.
In Jesus’s Name I pray,

You have my prayers for the best possible outcome for this difficult situation.

And Amen again from my heart to his ears.:hug:

Thank you to everyone for taking my family and especially these precious little girls into your hearts and your prayers! As I read each post, I feel humbled by the generousity of spirit shown by each of you to care for folks you’ve not met in person and to care enough to say such loving prayers…I’ve been helped just be reading them and I’ve shared them with my family. And I know God has and will continue to hear them and will protect the babies. Thank you so much…you give me hope and the strength to keep praying myself.


:pray: Done, and will continue.
Also a prayer for you Yarnrainbow, that your heart will be lightened and at peace.

Lord we ask that you will give wisdom to each person involved in this situation. I pray that the welfare of these children will be of top concern, and that you will bring at least one person into their lives who will not rest until they are safe. Lord I pray for healing for everyone involved in the situation. I pray that the little girls will not be forever scarred by this, I pray that their momma will use this incident to change her life and be a good mom to these precious kids. I ask that your hand will rest on the entire family and that only good will come from this.


Thanks to everyone who prayed for these babies. They are [B]safe [/B]and, as of today, LEGALLY in their grandma’s custody. Yay!!! I’m so happy and absolutely giddy with relief. They are happy, sweet, laughing little girls…just like God meant for them to be. Thanks again to everyone!