Please Mr. Postman

I just placed the order for the Denise needles! I am SOOO excited! I can’t wait for the mailman!

Since I don’t et the “Paul” reference… I’ll leave that…

But I bought a Denise set… then LOST it… and bought a Boye set… then FOUND it… so… I can say … I like the connectors and the weight of the Denise set alot… :slight_smile: I like them both … and would probably buy another set of each… for the right price :slight_smile:

Congrats on the purchase :thumbsup:

How on earth do you lose an entire set of needles? Maybe they need a leash…hmmm… :roflhard:

well it was because we moved… and they got packed in a MISC box instead of the “DAVE” Box…

But at least I found 'em

I’ve always wished that the computer had a chute where the yarn could come out as soon as you place the order. I’m afraid, though, that my family would find me smothered by the time I was done. :rollseyes:

I get the Paul, reference, by the way. :wink:

yes yes, the Beatles sang, PLEASE MR.POSTMAN. The pic was from the McCartney concert in Phoenix. One of my friends treated me to the concert! My needles are on the way! YEA!

Ahhh yeah… I never heard the beetles… :slight_smile: So that’s why I didn’t get it… :slight_smile:

Never heard the Beatles? What cave have you been living in :smiley: Or maybe you are that young. :roflhard:

Well I’ve heard “Imagine” but who hasn’t

I’m 28… So … make your own conclusions :smiley:

Dave. I am 27. I have heard the Beatles.

So where was this cave that you lived in?


Wise guy!

being 28 dosen’t get you off of the hook…LOL. I’m 23 and I LOVE the Beatles. But then again, I was raised on the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Deep Purple.

All of these 20-somethings!
Am I the oldest person here???
I’m 41…

Okay, okay, okay… I’m 23 and I’ve heard of the Beatles… I even gasp have a couple of their albums!! :roflhard:

I’ve heard of the beetles… I don’t listen to the beetles… never heard any of thier stuff really…

In the music textbooks for students at my elementary…there are several BEATLE songs! The kids love them! Over the years, however, this is the first time I have seen them included in the textbooks. Maybe this will be a REVOLUTION. (song title for those of you who never heard of them!)SHOULD I REMOVE PAUL"S PICTURE?


Don’t remove it… it sparked a good discussion :slight_smile:

Age is definitely no excuse. My son is 13 and the Beatles were his first favorite group. When he was four, he had a walkman and would ask to hear “baby drivin’ the car” as he would say every night before bed. I’d hear him up in his little bed singing, “beep beep, beep beep, yeah!”

I’m 37 and when I saw the picture of Sir Paul, I thought “mmmmm, dreamy!!” So don’t take it down, please. :smiley:

:oops: You’re not the oldest one. You were in diapers when I first fell for the Beatles! :wink: