Please help with picot edging

I am knitting a baby bonnet and need to make a picot edge but I just dont get it. Can anyone help?

Can you link to the pattern?

Here is a Youtube on the picot hem.

I hope it helps.

Hi, that is not the same. The pattern I am using is a baby bonnet and they want me to pick up stitches from 8 rows below to make the picot edge as I go. But it is not very clear and I am struggling to follow it. The picot edge comes after the rib, about 8 rows in. The patterns says “make picotedge by slippng the first stitch on to the right hand needle, then counting 8 rows below slip the corresponding stitch onto the right hand needle” don’t get it. Can you help?

I know I’ve seen this done at my LYS, but I can’t find a good video to explain it. If I had to guess I’d say you were picking up stitches from 8 rows below and somehow knitting them with the live stitches to for that folded edge.

Did the pattern have you do “Yarn Overs” at about row 4?

sounds like you are doing a hem picot edge type of thing. Like Chris asked, you must have done a row with yarn overs and k2tog’s around row 4.

Here are some sites that might help you understand it:

This looks like a pretty good pic showing how you go back a few rows and pick up stitches thru the back: