Please help with pattern query for baby cardiganšŸ™ƒ


Hi there, I am knitting this lovely baby cardigan from this link:

However I have just got to the part where I have circled in red, having cast off 2 sets of 6 stitches. The pattern talks about knitting 19 at the end but I have 22 stitches to knit. I started off with the 88 originally. I canā€™t work out why I would have 19 left unless I have done something wrong. Could someone please help? Thank you. I donā€™t want to go any further in case I need to rip out and donā€™t want to start knitting in the sleeves. Jane


I think there is a mistake in this pattern. I think it should be:
S1, knit 19sts, cast off 6sts, knit 36sts, cast off 6sts, k20sts


Hi JaneK, For this cast off row you have to slip1 and then knit 19sts. For the cast off 6sts donā€™t use the last st of the 19 you just knit to start the cast off - knit 2 sts and cast off the 1st of these to begin your cast off count - this uses 7 sts, you will have 1st on your right needle at the end of the cast off or 21 total on the right needle.Donā€™t count this last cast off st as the first of the k35, you just knit 35 from the left needle,56sts total on right needle.Then, once again, start a new st to begin the next set of cast off 6, using 7sts with 1 remaining on the right needle after casting off the sixth st, 57sts in total on right needle.You should now have 19 sts on the left needle to finish this row, 76sts in total (+ 12 cast off = 88 sts)
I was bewildered with this when I made one the first time as well :smile:
Hope this helps, good luck with your project and enjoy your knitting.


Thank you engblom!


Hi Linda, thatā€™s exactly what I have done wrong. Thank you! Can rip out now and redo before I knit in the sleeves. Thank you again, Jane