Please help with knitting terminology!

hey everyone…what does “cast on 54-58-66-70-78-86 sts loosely (incl. 1 edge st each side)” mean??? i’m so confused and lost but really really want to knit this new pattern i found…

thanks for all help!
baby_kittles :knitting:

Do you have a link to the pattern? If you can it’s always a good idea to post it so the entire pattern makes sense to us.

In this case I would say that the number you CO is based on different sizes. Somewhere on the pattern it probably says something about the sizes.

Like Jan in CA said, it’s normally relevant to size. There’s usually legend that explains how many stitches you need for x number of inches. If it’s from a book, look throughout the book to see if there’s a page that explains how they write out their sizes (including measurements).

I agree with Jan and Box_of_cereal about the sizes. But if it’s the “incl. 1 edge st each side” that has you confused, then I think that probably means that 2 of the cast on stitches – one on each edge – will be worked differently than the others to form edge stitches. But, like Jan suggested, it would be easier to tell if you could provide a link to the pattern.

Good Luck!

I’d also say that each number is for a size, and that the numbers include the edge stitches, which are probably worked a little differently than the rest.

you are all going to laugh but i just realized that it’s a english pattern…so it says that the sizing and everything is different…a little too difficult for me right now no matter how much i want to make it…if anyone is interested to see…

please let me know if anyone plans on making this sweater…i would love to be a knit-along…though i forewarn you…i’d probably have too many questions…hahaha

thanks to all…

Hiya baby, all those numbers are how many to cast of for each particular size from small to xxx. And the “incl 1 edge st at each side” means that those two are in the cast on amount.
So basically what you would do is print out the pattern and then hi-lite your size and go from there.