Please help with gauntlet

I making gauntlets for my daughter and I’m knitting them around. I made them just like I make mittens, I tie off some stitches and leave them aside and them pick them up later to make the thumb. So instead of making an entire thumb I just made a few rounds but the thumb really doesn’t look right. It looks kind of funny but it fits well. I want to make another pair but I want to know a better way to do the thumb. Any suggestions??

Did you make a thumb gusset??

what is a thumb gusset? Is it when I tie of some stitches for later?

When you say ‘tie off stitches’ do you mean that you just put some on hold, or that you cast some off?

A thumb gusset is usually worked fairly soon after finishing the cuff of a mitten. It is a series of increases on one side (where the thumb will be) that create a larger sort of ‘pocket’ for the thumb. If you look at your hand and see where the thumb sort of comes from more the side of the hand than straight up and down like the rest of the fingers, and the thumb bone that goes down towards the wrist…the gusset accomodates this.

Yes, I make a thumb gusset. I increase to give some room for the thumb and then I use some leftover yarn to hold some stitches for later, to make the thumb with.