Please help with baby blanket pattern

Hello! I want to knit Bernat’s chunky ripple blanket but make it a little smaller so I’m trying to figure out the number of stitches in the pattern repetition.

I keep coming up with 17 stitches per repetition, but that can’t be right because you start with 150 stitches.

I’m sorry I’m new so I’m not able to post the link to the pattern yet. Here’s the part I’m trying to count for quick reference -
2nd row: *K1. yo. K5. Sl1. K2tog. psso. K5. yo. K1. Rep from * to end of row.

I want to figure out how many stitches I need per repetition so I can adjust the number of cast on stitches.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

It’s 15 sts, the YOs don’t use a stitch. So subtract in multiples of 15.

Thanks so much! I wasn’t counting the yo’s so I must have been counting something else wrong. :slight_smile:

I was counting 1 knit stitch, 5 knit stitches, 1 for slipping, 2 for knitting together, 2 for slipping and kniting to passover, 5 knit stitches, and one more knit stitch at the end.

I still can’t get it to make sense as 15. Am I doing something wrong? PSSO is brand new to me and I don’t do much decreasing or yarnovers but I thought I was understanding. I am following the videos on here (which I love!) and I still think I should be counting 2 for the K2tog and 2 for the PSSO. So where am I getting those two extra stitches from when I count it if I’m not counting the yo’s?

You don’t count the psso - that means ‘pass slipped stitch over’ and is what makes a decrease out of slip 1, k2tog, psso. The YOs add 2 sts, but the sl 1 k2T psso decrease 2 sts. So your sts are -
K1 = 1
K5 = 5
Sl1. K2tog. psso = 3
K5 = 5
K1 = 1

Add those up and you get 15.

Oh thanks so much! I finally get it. I was going kind of crazy. :wink: