Please help with 1st Baby blanket

[b][i][color=indigo] Any help would be appreciated with this pattern as its my first project where it matters if something goes wrong.

  1. I have the actual Yarn that the pattern calls for which is also a 1st for me, but it calls for 6.5 mm needles and I only have 6 mm. How much of a difference will this make? The pattern doesn’t give a gauge or anything.

  2. Also, its one of those where you start at the corner and knit to the middle, then back to the corner, in the middle the pattern states:

    Rep the last row until there are 200 stitches.

My needles are 13 inches - will 200 stitches of Patterns fairytale fit on them or do I need to buy circulars? (erk)

  1. The pattern calls for (and I have) Double Knitting yarn - the pattern doesn’t mention anything about double knitting, but do I need to do anything special with it or is it just something I could do if I wanted to with the yarn?

Sorry for the bombardment of questions, but I’m really into this and want to get better soooon!!!


Normally, I would say that .5 mm wouldn’t matter, but if you’re knitting the blanket corner to corner, it might…my guess is that you’ll want a needle size that allows you to get the same measurement for both rows and stitches–for example, 20 st and 20 rows = 4". When you’re knitting on the diagonal, keeping your knitting even in both length and width would be essential.

I would guess that you’ll be able to get 200 stitches on your needles, but you never can tell! What does the gauge on your yarn say?

When it calls for double kntting yarn, it’s referring to the weight of the yarn itself. Double knitting, or DK, is slightly lighter in weight than worsted.

Hope that all makes sense! :slight_smile:

The step up in size won’t really matter; garter stich rows equal stitches in any size. You may not have to go to 200 stitches though. Figure out how wide that is in the smaller needle, then make the same width with the bigger one. DK yarn is called that because 2 strands of that (knitting with it double stranded) is about equal to a heavy worsted weight. You don’t have to do that unless the pattern advises you to.


Brill - thanks guys!

I didn’t think to check the gauge on the Yarn! :wall:

I’m gonna go for it on the needles I have as I can’t spend more on knitting supplies this month :oops:


Seriously? It doesn’t always for me…it seems to depend on which needle I’m using. :shrug:

Well, that’s what they say… Dunno, for sure, I haven’t ever checked.


Probably depends on the knitter. Either way, I think it’s probably good to make a swatch. :thumbsup: