Please help! Vogue knitting pattern

I don’t understand this chart. It says to knit the white boxes on the right side and purl them on the wrong side. But then the instructions for the beads are to purl the bead on and knit the next stitch. Please please help!

When I follow the chart without knitting the stitch before and after the bead, the beads end up on the wrong side. But if I knit on both sides, then it looks all lumpy. When the beads are on the ‘right side’ row, everything is fine - the beads blend into the stockinette. But when the beads are on the wrong side…that’s when the problems start.

Plus the whole thing is curling b/c of the stockinette. Please look at the pattern picture included below! Please help!

All I can think is that you may have found a typographical error. Try to contact Vogue about this…many sites have pattern correction categories.