Please Help - Vintage Phentex Slipper Pattern needed help

I am hunting for a phentex slipper knitting pattern, it cost .20 it is a rather old pattern early 70’s.

Well on the top of the pattern it says Phentex Slippers Style No. 6843

My best friend is very depressed and in poor health, and has asked me to make him a pair of slippers, he does not want store bought. This would put a smile on his face, and may help him cheer up, please please help.

Please do a good deed and help or send me a copy of this great pattern it would be greatly appreciated. I am so desperate for this pattern I would even buy it, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Susan

Don’t know if that is around anymore, but I bet this is close enough.

I have that pattern right in front of me bought it in the 70’s

This thread is nearly 8 yrs old so original poster is no longer available.