Please Help! Using Bernat Blanket to Make Womens Sweater

Hello everyone!

I am new to the online knitting community and would consider myself a beginner knitter. I have knit a few sweaters but I always find they come out a little bit wonky and usually too big.

I am currently trying to work with Bernat Blanket Yarn (not the baby blanket yarn) and I was really hoping to make a womens sweater with it. I have already tried multiple times (using 9mm needles) and I can’t seem to find a pattern that does not make it look like a giant balloon. I have found that stocking stick looks best for its clean lines. My chosen yarn is the Silver Steel colour and it doesn’t look good with moss stitch or rib stick it just ends up looking messy.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to a pattern I could potentially use with this particular yarn, or if anyone has worked with this yarn and can provide me with some feedback on the best ways to knit with it. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!!

Hi beginnerknitter bernat has a lot of free sweater patterns on their site so does yarnspiration. You might want to check them out and see if anything interest you. Hope this helps.

If you’re wanting to be able to get the best fit possible a seamless top-down raglan might work well for you. You can try it on and see how it fits before it’s all done. Because of fitting issues I much prefer top down and seamless. You might consider a different weight yarn if you don’t find a pattern to your liking for this yarn.