Please Help: Shortening sleeves against the row

I just finished knitting EZ’s Bog Jacket in garter stitch, and my sleeves are way too long. I have no idea how I did this. The problem is that the whole sweater is knit hand to hand. I am thinking of cutting (with machine-sewing first) and then adding my icord border as a cuff as planned. I do want it to look neatly done. Am I forgetting something that will make this a bad idea? I cannot unravel. Because this is my first post, I cannot submit the link to the pattern. Please see next post for link. Thank you!

one more post before I can supply link.

Yes you can cut the end of the sleeve, though you don’t need to sew it before hand. You can cut just one st and unravel the sts putting them on a smaller needle as you go. Then you can BO or start the I cord edging. This blog has some tips for that, and there’s a lot more tutorials there as well.

If you look at the bog jacket, you will see that the sleeve ends are the ends of the rows that go from one cuff, across the back or front, and to the other cuff. So the standard cut-off and unravel seem to be out of the question, since unraveling a sleeve stitch will take me horizontally across the whole sweater instead of around the sleeve. Fun, huh?

Oh, yeah, that’s right. So maybe sew them up for a cuff…?

I think one of the considerations is the taper of the sleeve. You may cut the extra length and then be able to introduce some taper with the underarm seam. The other thing is that if you stitch or sew around the new end of the sleeve, you will need to do it so that you don’t create a tight inflexible cuff on the sweater. Here’s another idea (from Ravelry, free to join)which may or may not be appealing to you for the cuff.
The pattern certainly makes a very good looking jacket.