Please help my poor, sore hands

I’ve been knitting daily and I just love it because it’s good stress relief. However, my hands have really taken a beating because of it. :frowning:

I apply very expensive and very good Hemp Hand Cream every day, which helps some. But it’s very obvious that I need to do something more. I have band - aids on each hand because I’m getting blisters from making the socks. My right pointer finger where the yarn continuosly rubs against it is all dry, too.

What on earth can I do for my hands? I’ve always had nice soft hands and well… it sounds extremely vain but I’d like to keep them that way. LOL Any tips? Or am I doomed with ‘knitters hands’ for as long as I continue to knit (which will be for a long long time)?

At bedtime, I would try a light exfoliating scrub (you can make your own by mixing sugar, olive oil, and any essential oils/extracts you have), followed by a coat of thick lotion. Then put on gloves (or wrap your hands in Saran Wrap and pull a sock over them), and your hands will be softer in the morning. (Of course, this is assuming you don’t chuck your gloves across the room in your sleep like I do…)

For the blisters, you might try readjusting how you hold your needles. Hard, I know!

No tips here but agree on the make your own exfoliation thing with olive oil and sugar - can use salt too. Personally I use rock salt and any oil I have around which mainly tends to be almond oil or olive oil. It makes a great scrub and sloughs off the dead skin cells.

I had problems with blisters on the tips of my fingers where I pushed the needle through. The leather thimbles are good but since I stopped knitting this month, they have gone :doh: when I get back to it I’ll probably lash on the creme, scrub regularly and stick to using band aids to cover the spots I damage the most!

Get a hand massage…DH massages my hands when they get sore from knitting (I reciprocate when his get sore from drumming.) It helps soooo much. I have him use some handcream and it always leaves my hands feeling so much better.

I’ll have to try that exfoliating tip. I never even thought of that (I’ll blame it on pregnancy brain … hehe). I just happen to have exfoliating soap in the bathroom, too (well, it’s actually to be used before waxing but hey… I digress). :slight_smile:

And I guess I am gonna have to stock up on band aids, too. LOL

When your blisters heal I recommend a nice paraffin hand spa. I have one and love, love it! Although, I have been remiss and not used it this summer because of the heat, but will most assuredly be using it this evening because my hands are terribly sore from knitting with cotton yarns…it works wonders both on the looks and feel of your skin and the soreness. Oh, and it does wonders for the nails and cuticles, too :heart:

I find that my hands take a beating from certain kinds of needles. I pretty much only use circs anymore, and since I switched to the new Knitpicks needles my problems have gone down anymore. I also make sure to take a 30 minute break every 2 hours if I’m having a marathon session, because I already have tendonitis from the piano and I don’t want to make it worse!

You will build up your hand muscles. I think the pain will be gone someday and you will never get it again.

That is hopeful as my hands are hurting today! It is hard to type.