Please help me with this pattern!- Dragon Hat


I’m knitting the Dragon Hat from Little Badger Knitwear (can’t find a picture online) and I’m stuck on a certain row. I just don’t get it! Can anyone make sense of it for me and kindly explain how to do it? I’d really appreciate it!

Row27:k2,sl 2tog,k1,p2sso,(k9,ssk)twice,k16, [B]fold work back with RS facing, using a third needle, k1stitch alone from front needle, then alternating k & p,cast off all recently increased sts (7 more) by taking 1st from each needle together,slip the remaining sts from 3rd needle back onto original
rh needle, pull yarn up tight to avoid a hole and continue row,/B twice,k9 sl2tog,k1,p2sso,k2.

The bolded section is where I’m having a hard time grasping my head around. I think this part is a fin (or dragon scale, that sticks up off the hat).

Thanks in advance!

Wow. Yeah, that’s a bit of a puzzler. Here’s my best guess, and don’t hate me if I’m wrong:teehee: . It sounds as if you’ve knit part way through a row, and then are going to stop and fold the fabric in half, so that the 2 needles are now parallel to each other, right up next to each other, and you have some “live” sts on each. The right side of the work will be facing you, and one of the needles is closer to you, and the other is in back of that one.
It’s as if both of those needles, held together, are your left hand needle. You’re now going to take a 3rd needle, and that’s your right hand needle.
Now, with that 3rd needle, knit 1 st from the from the needle closer to you. Now, keep going, and casting off in a K1 P1 rib, cast off 7 more sts-- which are actually 14, because for each cast off st, you’re going to take the 3rd needle and put it through the next st from the front needle AND the next st from the back needle, as if they were one st, like a 3 needle bind off.

When you are through doing this, you will have 2 sts on your 3rd (right hand) needle-- that first st you just knit, and the last one left over from binding off. It sounds like you are supposed to take those 2 sts, and put them back on the left hand needle, and then continue.

There are a couple of things I don’t understand-- the first is, are you now re-knitting those 2 sts, are they part of the next K9? They’d kind of have to be, I guess. The other is, they all of a sudden make it sound as if you only have 1 needle in your left hand. When you do that bit at the beginning of row 27, right before you folded the fabric back, did that leave you with either 7 or 8 sts on 1 of the needles? When you do the bold part, did that empty 1 of the needles? If so, then it’s okay. But if not, I’m stumped.:shrug:

I found a pic of the hat at ravelry. (You do have to be a member, but really, isn’t it worth the tiny effort to join for just times like these when it’s the only place to easily find pics of projects??)

It’s a 3 needle bind off, but just on part of the sts. So follow the directions, then finish knitting the row.

Okay, I just looked at the three needle bind off on this site, so I think I know what I’m supposed to do. But am I supposed to do a BO like ribbing, since it says to alternate knit and purl? I will give it a try. Thanks for your help!

Mirl56~ I actually am a member of Ravelry, as well, but wasn’t sure if everyone here would be able to view the picture if you have to be a member, so I didn’t post it. But thanks for that!

I’m sure I’ll be back with another question… this pattern is difficult for me to read. :??

I don’t think you need to BO in the ribbing, I don’t think you’d see it from the RS, but you could try it; the worst that would happen is that you might have to take it out and do over.

I don’t get this part [B]cast off all recently increased sts (7 more) [/B]Which recently increased sts? Were they increased on the previous row?

I’m actually confused by that part, too. The previous row, I didn’t increase, I actually decreased by P2tog. R26 reads: p3, p2tog, pto last 5 sts, p2tog, p3.

So, when I am binding off the 7, will I actually be binding off 14? One from each needle, like brittyknits stated? When I fold my piece in half, I have 39 sts on my back needle and 42 on my front needle.

Well, I’m confused again, because I counted off the stitches I’m supposed to BO, then the remaining stitches I’m supposed to knit and I’m falling short on my stitches- I won’t have enough to knit through what the pattern says to knit. Off to ponder more… maybe I messed up in a previous row (I was confused on part of a dec set earlier in one of the rows).

Well, I wondered if they meant the recently decreased 7 sts instead of inreased…

I finished it! Yay! I was able to work through whatever errors I ran into and did the section above with relatively no problem after I got help from you all. Thanks a bunch!:muah:

Check it out on my Ravelry page:

Oh, it came out beautifully!:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Great job!:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: