Please help me understand the gauge for this sweater?

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to gauges and have been confused by the one on the pattern I’m trying to knit. It says: ‘21.5sts and 21 rows to 10cm, 4in. over pattern on 6mm needles’. The pattern is stockinette in a chunky weight yarn, and I keep knitting swatches on 6mm needles that work out to 14sts over 10cm-- which is the gauge suggested on the yarn (Paintbox Chunky). I don’t quite understand how I’m supposed to fit 21.5 stitches over 10cm on 6mm needles with this yarn? Happy to use a smaller set of needles but I just have the feeling I’m not understanding something right since the gauge is this far off!

Any light you could shed on this would be so appreciated!


Is that the yarn they suggested you use for this project? You definitely need to try smaller size needles until you finf thr one thst will give you the guage of 21.5 st for 4 inches.

Can you please tell us the name of the pattern and post a link if possible? Don’t post the pattern itself here in KH.