Please help me understand an instruction

I’m a new knitter and decided I would learn by knitting various different patterned washcloths. I’m stumped already at row 2. Can someone please decifer for me please?

Row 2: *yo, p2, pass yo over p2, p2; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2.

I’m stuck at the ‘pass yo over p2’ Can’t make heads or tails of it. The 1st row was simply knit.

I would appreciate any help.


After you purl 2 and the stitches are on your right needle stick your left needle under the YO stitch and take it over the two purls and drop it off the needle. It won’t hurt anything. It creates a design in your pattern. :thumbsup:

A line with a yo has a dec so you don’t keep increasing sts (unless that’s the construction of the item) and in this one, passing the YO over the next 2 sts keeps the st number the same. You pass it over the way you would if it was a slip1, k psso.

Okay, I’m processing. I must not know how to yo as I can’t figure out where that is. What I did was after knitting my first row and the stitches were in my right hand, I brought the yarn from back to front thinking that was a yo. That must have been wrong since I can’t see what I am to be sticking my left needle into. I sure appreciate the help!!!

One other ot question. Is there a way to make these replies show up in my e-mail so I know that they are there?

A yarn over that is followed by a knit stitch is- bring the yarn forward between the needles and knit the next stitch. It creates a fairly loose stitch that is easily seen.

A yarn over that is followed by a purl stitch is- bring the yarn forward between the needles then bring it over the needle and back to the front.

If you go to the videos at the tab on the top of the page and then click increases you’ll see how to do the YO.

If you don’t want to come to the forum to check there is a way to let you know you have replies, but I’ll have to check for the way to do it. I just come to the forum myself.

I’ll watch the videos. Need to make dinner first. Thanks for all the help!

You’re doing it backwards which is going to twist when you pass it over. Between the purls just wrap it from the front over the needle and then back through the tips to the front again. It’s exactly the same as making a purl st except your R needle isn’t inserted into a st on the L needle.

There’s a way to subscribe to threads and be emailed if there’s a reply, but I don’t remember how either.

I think I may have just figured that out because I want my yarn to wrap around and still be in front of my needles for the purl…right? I then do the next 2 purls and then I lift the wrapped stich up and over the last two purls I made? I’ve been trying to work on this and still make dinner, help w/homework, eat dinner, then do dishes. I should be able to completely focus in about an hour. But, am I on the right track?

Yes that’s right, I think you’ve got it.