PLEASE! Help me find this yarn!

A couple weeks ago, I remember seeing this GORGEOUS bright (but not neon) pink and deep brown fingering/sock yarn, but I cannot for the life of me [I]find it[/I] now that I have the money to buy it. Any ideas? I’ve looks on ebay, little knits, simply sock, and I didn’t see if.

It’s driving me crazy because I want to make some yummy neapolitan socks :gah:

Well there’s this color in Lorna’ Laces–it includes some white too:

There’s also this yarn from Harmony:

Here’s someone’s hand-dyed:

Not quite what I’m looking for. The harmony is the closest, but the pink I’m looking for is paler.

Where did you originally see the yarn?

or can you narrow down WHEN you saw it- you could look thru your computer’s history files and look for it thatway.

That’s the problem… I have no idea!

Oh gosh. I guess I’m going to have to, since I can’t find it anywhere else. But I’m a power surfer, so this is gonna take a while :teehee:

Thanks girls :slight_smile:

Trekking XXL # 126. Try here

Now I see you’ve looked at Simply Sock Yarn. The Loopy Ewe has many different lines of sock yarn, some from independent dyers too. Perhaps you want to scan through their offerings.

Okay, the Loopy Ewe used to carry a line of yarn from an indie dyer called Woolly Boully. If you read back through the dyer’s blog at she says that she’s no longer selling wholesale, but she does sell through her Etsy shop and will custom dye. There is a picture of a shawl on her blog, knit from her yarn, that may be what you are looking for.