can you explain me what does it means? P3, patt to last 3 sts, p3. i get confused abt this. thank you


There must be a pattern you have already set up on previous rows and this row is telling you to purl 3, then follow the pattern of the fabric for the rest of the row until you have 3 stitches left, then purl 3.
You will need to look at your fabric to ensure you are continuing the pattern in line despite any edge stitches or sometimes with a change in the number of stitches due to increases or decreases.
Some patterns are easy to follow such as stocking stitch or rib, others are more tricky such as lace, and require you to “read” your fabric to ensure you continue the pattern correctly.

If you have a tricky one and need help you can ask again or post a photo or a line of the pattern instruction, I’m sure someone could help you through it.

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this is the pattern, but i dont understand in yellow highlight part

Hi and welcome!
See also the reply at the end of this thread:

owh. okay, i just understand now, thank you sm :slight_smile:

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