PLEASE HELP - mattress stitch on sleeve seams

Hi, I am new here and hope to get an answer. I’ve been knitting for most of my life now and always had a hard time with seams.

Imagine my[B] LOVE[/B] when I stumbled across the [B]MATTRESS STITCH [/B]for seams!!! I did a sleeveless turtleneck with an invisible seam–thanks to that beautiful stitch.

Here’s my [B]dilmema[/B]: I am working on a shrug. [B]Pattern by Caron yarns. It’s called ‘Simple Shrug’ with simply soft shadows yarn.[/B]

The piece is knit from one cuff straight across to the other cuff. When you are knitting the sleeves, you[B] increase 1 stitch each side EVERY 5 ROWS[/B]. No problem - agh except for ‘seaming’ up the sleeves. Can anyone tell me [B]an easy way to do the mattress stitch when dealing with an edge that increases[/B] 1 stitch every 5 rows?

I’ve searched the internet for help to no avail. There’s tons of videos and how to’s for the mattress stitch, but [B]nobody addresses the edge that has increases [/B]every 5 rows and this is for about 116 rows.

Thanks for ANY input, information, website — please help.

[B]Wishing, waiting, wanting - to finish my shrug

This won’t be of any help to you now but when doing increases like for your sleeves your life will be much easier if you place your increases one or two stitches in from the edge so you will have that nice edge for seaming.

You can seam one row in from the edge, so that the increases are less visible. As you get to the increases, just shift your seam one stitch closer to the edge.

Seams on sleeves are never as invisible as seams on sides because of the increases. It’ll look nice, though.

As already noted, your incs/decs should be worked 1-2 sts in from the sel leaving you with a clean edge, albeit slightly angled. Sleeves are just an exaggerated version of a sweater body…where you work incs/decs for the shaping of the hip, waist, etc. Like Ingrid said, you’ll work one st in from the sel regardless of whether the edge is straight or angled. The ‘visible’ diff between matt st done on the straight or angled is the shaped edges will have their accompanying incs/decs adjacent to the seam.


Hey, you are right, it doesn’t help [B]THIS[/B] time. But, I always love getting these little [B]‘nuggets’ [/B]and I know I will remember the one you gave me.

In fact, I’m such a perfectionist, I’ll probably make another one after this one, with the increases the way you said, just to do it the right way. Or maybe, take this one apart–hmmmmmm. Nah–not that crazy,[B] YET[/B]

Thanks again, much appreciated.:woot: :knitting:

Thanks to both of you, Incrid and Cam.

After I posted this dilemma, I jumped on the chat and there was someone in there that was very helpful. She told me to do the same thing—working 1-2 stitches, or v’s in from the edge, adjusting as I come to the increases.

It’s just easier said than done. I did get one sleeve done up today, after ripping out and doing and ripping out and doing again—LOL. I’m just such a flipping perfectionist, that it looks good, but not perfect.

Just glad to get the ‘nugget’ from nanna about knitting the inc’s 1 or 2 stitches in from the edge as I knit–to make the edges cleaner, neater and easier to find.

[B]You guys all rock.
Thanks so much.