Please Help! I think I misread the pattern

Hello everyone!
My name is liz, and I am new to knitting…
My ‘learn to knit’ class is doing a baby sweater for our first project ( I know… you would think we would do a scarf or something!)
Anyway, I was sick this week so I finished our homeowork and started working on the sleeves.
Could someone please tell me what they think the following instructions mean???
[I]…proceed to stocking st inc 1 st eac end of needle on 3rd and every foloowing 2nd row (until you reach 62)[/I]

Then… for sizes 12mo (which I am doing) it says the following in a sperate paragraph…

[I]Inc 1 st at each of every following 4th row until there are 72 sts.[/I]

I truly appreciate your help…
What I did…
I thought it was 4 rows borken down
1st round
1st row-knit
2nd row-purls
3rd row-knit and increase
4th row-purl
2nd round and subsequent
2-purl increase 1
3- knit increase
4- knit

Problem is that I just finished a sequence of forth row and have an odd number… (considering first round that makes sense) but it doesn’t feel right…

Sorry for being so detailed, but I have but a lot of extra work in already and want to be sure I am not mistaken before continuing…

THANKS sooooo very very much!

You shouldn’t ever have an odd number of stitches – each time you increase, you need to increase at both ends (that is, increase at the beginning of that row and also at the end of the row.)

The first section has you doing a two-stitch increase every other row – so row 1 would be knit, row 2 purl, row 3 knit with increases, row 4 purl, row 5 knit with increases, row 6 purl, etc. How many you do depends on how many stitches you started with, but for example if you start with 50 stitches, you’re going to need to have 6 increase rows (2 stitches each row) to get to 62, so you’d be increasing on rows 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13.

The second section, for the 12mo, has you increasing (again at both ends) every fourth row, which is every other row – if you keep counting rows from the previous time, you’d have row 14 purl, 15 knit, 16 purl, 17 knit with increases, 18 purl, 19 knit, 20 purl, 21 knit with increases, and so on. 62 -> 72 stitches takes 5 increase rows, which is total 20 additional rows.

Good luck! :slight_smile: Knitting can be really really addictive, once you know how to do it…

Thanks for replying so quickly… no, how do I undue 12 stiches without ruining the ribbing?
(that is THE hardest part… the ribbing lol)
I appreciate your help, although I do not understand why… at this point in the game I am ok with that (not understanding and just doing…)
Thanks again!
Did I mention that this is my third week ever knitting and I have finished the two fornt halves and the back?
Kinda addicted, gotta say, can’t wait until I am fluent in this funky language you guys call knitting!

Are you supposed to increase on the ribbed rows or after you switch to stockinette stitch? If you increased in the ribbing, you’ll probably just have to take it all out.