Please help...I really messed up this time

Hi All!!

I’m knitting this sweater:

and I think I made a BIG mistake…and I would be just heartbroken if I had to rip this all out and start again.

So the problem is this…you knit the collar back and forth the first 8cm and then you place markers for the different areas of the sweater…front, back and sleeves. Then there are two sets, you knit the first set and then knit the second set 6 times. This second set includes set one as well. Set one is sleeve increases and set two is eyelet rows. At the end of set two there is an instruction that says “repeat the last two rows 3 more times”…which is set one, the sleeve increases. I’m 99% positive I missed this instruction the first go round of set two. I’m almost done with the second repeat of set two. So, in theory, I missed three sleeve increases, 6 rows.

Do I have to rip it all out and start over or can I just add it in somewhere? I know this is hazy but the pattern is complicated at this point and I know we aren’t supposed to post pics of the pattern. Can I DM someone a pic of the instructions?

Does this make sense? What do I do?


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Where it says to “repeat the last two row 3 more times” at the end of set 2, are you sure that’s referring to set one and not to the just complete set 2? Also, count sts to make absolutely sure that you’ve missed the increases.
It depends on how it looks to you. Do you think that you can add the 6 missing rows with their increases now and will it be balanced? For myself, I’m more comfortable especially at the beginning of a pattern, with getting everything exactly right but this is really up to you.


Thank you for the reply!

I’m positive that it’s just repeating the last two rows that I missed because I’m also supposed to knit the set multiple times as well.

I never thought to count the stitches. That’s a great idea. Let me do that after dinner and get back to you.

I’ve never knit a sweater before so I don’t know if adding this now will be a problem or not. I wish I had put in a lifeline at some point but I didn’t. Pulling it all out now breaks my heart but I suppose it’s better than knitting the whole thing and it being a mess.

Let me count stitches and see how many I’m missing. although that may be hard…I’m worse at math than I am at following instructions!

Oh gosh, hope the stitch count is ok. You only need to rip out to the place where the repeat starts. I usually rip out to one row short of what I need, then insert the needle as I pull the yarn out of one stitch at a time.

As an update: I brought my knitting to a family event to confer with my elders. The unanimous decision was that I had to rip back to before the increases started. So, I pinned the sweater to a white bath towel and misted it lightly with water and sort of semi blocked it so it would stop trying to curl. Then, I ripped back and kept moving the pins down until I was where I wanted to be. Then I pinned it down really tight and pulled out the last row. I was able to shimmy the needles back in with no problem. They weren’t all facing the right way but I fixed that when I started knitting again.

All in all, glad I did it. Thanks for the help!

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