Please help I have a question re: increasing

Hi, im super new to knitting & having a lil problem understanding a pattern.

it says to inc 2, so thats increase 2 sts evenly across last row. Does that mean I increase using 2 stitches on one line? or increase 2 lines?

Thanks for any help :heart:

Increase 2 stitches on one line.

ok thanks, will try :slight_smile: :heart:

im stuck again , I did 1 stitch increase , do I do it again on same stitch (thats doubleing it?) ? & also do I do it across the entire row?

here is the pattern

work 7 rows garter st (I did this), inc 2 st(s) evenly across last row (im stuck understanding what im doing,or how to do this exactly)

Ah an old fashioned pattern.

yes, you need to increase 2 stitches in 1 row of knitting.


well you could just make 2 increases in one stitch (but this is obvious!–2 increases in one stitch is so obvious, it is usally only used as a decorative process!)

you could also increase 1 in stitch one, and increase 1 in stitch two.

(this two is obvious, but in a strange way. and its might not be very attractive!)

the increase are some times needed to have the ‘right number of stitches’
[color=blue]ribbing works best with multiple based on the rib style, but other patterns might need other numbers of stitches… you want to just gently edge up the number of stitches… (and have the increases almost invisible!)
increases are also made to change the amount of ease. (more likely in your case)

step 1–seperate them! don’t have the increase next to each other

step 2– in 99% of the cases, its better not to have increase (or decreases) in 1st or last stitch.

step 3–k1, make 1 (increase) Knit to half way point of work, (stitch 50 of 100, stitch 12 of 25–half way, give or take a stitch or two) Make 1 again.

2 stitch increase–and the results are almost invisible!

Now about Make 1 --there are several ways to increase–
knit in front and back of a stitch
YO, (this increase always results in a small hole or eyelet in your knitting)
Lift and twist (lift the ‘bar’ of yarn between 2 stitches, twist it into loop, place on needle
M1 (EZ style) make a ‘simple/script letter e cast on’ --it you use this, be sure to make the cast on stitch (M1)VERY TIGHT.
(there are also lifted increase, and other increases)

UNLESS DIRECTED SPECIFICALLY, you can use any style of M1/Increase you want! it usually doesn’t matter!

increasing 2 or 3 in a row isn’t hard… and many old style patterns presume you know enough about knitting to know you should seperate the increases, evenly --(what is hard is increase 20 over 87 stitches!–its a bit more math!)
most modern patterns will do the math for you!

thanks you I had that lightbulb moment & understand now- jeez whas I confused, heheh :slight_smile: